We need to keep children off the street, occupied and educated.

Imagine yourself or your child growing up without parents, in poor condition, exposed to violence and without care. If mum and dad are around they are working long hours with minimal wages. The care centers, where most of the kids are getting dropped off early in the mornings, have no toys, jungle gyms or play areas. In winter it is super cold and in summer super hot. The children (ages 0-6) sit and do nothing. Nothing! The whole day, every day. This is still better than being left behind at home; which is a horrific case that occurs too often. No, it is not a description of a movie but the harsh reality for many children, just around the corner.

Children deserve better.

We care about those who cant help themselves. We care about their future and what our society will become. We care for humans and their conditions. If we do not lay down a solid foundation for these children’s lives, our own future will be affected. We all complain about the high crime rate in South Africa. One method to prevent crime is to educate people and give them jobs. This starts with the foundational phase of every single human. If the brain of a child is not stimulated, it misses important milestones. Which cannot be recovered at a later stage. We ask you, dear government and the people of our communities, to see the injustice and do something about it. The townships are full of neglected and hopeless children. Every child deserves a proper education and to be taken care of. The townships are in desperate need of a safe place with recreational facilities for vulnerable children. We need to keep those children off the street, occupied and educated. It is very important to help empower and repair the existing facilities while creating new ones.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes the nation to change their destiny. We are a non-profit organization who is helping other non-profits to build a solid foundation for the less privileged and vulnerable children in the townships of South Africa. Please support us!

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